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Project Activity 6 - Objectives

The Laprie/Randell dependability model will be enhanced to take into account the malicious, non-stochastic nature of threat. As it appears to be impossible to assign meaningful probabilities to the occurrence of attacks, other measures of system robustness against attack such as adversary time and effort may need to be found.A promising avenue is the role of diversity in security. Used effectively it can, for example, support assumptions underlying threshold schemes. Used poorly it can expose the system to attack against the weakest link. Diversity is double edged: adversaries may also seek to exploit diversity. The objectives of this Project Activity are:

  • To understand requirements for information flow controls and access to resources in different contexts, such as healthcare, scientific research, finance, telecommunications, e-government, ATC and critical infrastructures.
  • To develop frameworks in which these requirements can be accurately formulated and against which designs and mechanisms can be assessed.

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