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A quality of service ontology for service-based system specification



Ontology, quality of service, metrics, taxonomy.



Quality of service (QoS) considerations affect service development in a number of ways. One of the most important is the establishment of semantic meaning upon which to build higher level services. In order to make use of composite workflow systems, negotiation engines, contractual monitoring and service differentiation middleware it is necessary to first enumerate the concepts and phrases used for shared semantic understanding. In addition to providing a simple taxonomy of terms, a QoS ontology must also allow inferences to be made. For example, this could include semantics to indicate that one minute is made up of sixty seconds. In more complex scenarios it could indicate how given metrics are composed, from what sub-metrics / values.

We are in the process of constructing a QoS ontology using the web ontology langauge (OWL), and the Protégé visual design environment. The structure and design of the ontology have been influenced by work put forward in a number of papers and projects, most noticeably in the implementation of parts of Jean-Claude Laprie's dependability classifications.



More detail on the QOS ontology (pdf)


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Russell lock (r dot lock at comp dot lancs dot ac dot uk)


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