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Publications by Robin Williams are the DIRC publications by Robin Williams. Items are sorted by type, and listed by year. Links are provided to abstracts and pdf's of the full papers where these are available.

Conference Proceedings

Inter-disciplinary Approaches to the Design of Dependable Computer Systems. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Madrid, Spain, March, 2002, Dobson, J., Jones, C, Procter, R., Rouncefield, M. and Williams, R. (eds)

Conference Papers

Inter disciplinary approaches to the design of dependable computer systems: Editorial message: special track on inter-disciplinary approaches to the design of dependable computer systems , Dobson, J.E., Jones, C., Procter, R., Rouncefield, M. and Williams, R.
In Proceedings of the 2002 ACM symposium on Applied computing, pp. 704 - 705  2002
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Production Management as Ordinary Action: An Investigation of Situated, Resourceful Action in Production Planning and Control , Voss, A., Procter, R., Slack, R., Hartswood, M., Williams, R. and Rouncefield, M
In Proceedings of the 20th UK Planning and Scheduling (SIG) Workshop, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, December 13th-14th, Levine, J. (ed), pp. 230-243  2000

Innovation in Use: Interleaving day-to-day operation and systems development , Voss, A. Procter, R. and Williams, R
In Proceedings of the CPSR/IFIP WG 9.1 Participatory Design Conference,New York, USA, November 28th-December 1st, Cherkasky, T., Greenbaum, J. and Mambery, P. (eds), pp. 192-201  2000

Accomplishing ‘Just-in-Time’ Production , Hartswood, M., Procter, R., Rouncefield, M, Slack, R., Voss, A. and Williams, R.
In Proceedings of the 21st European Annual Conference on Human Decision Making and Control, Glasgow, United Kingdom, July 15th-16th, Johnson, C. (ed), 2000

Dependability as ordinary action , Voss, A., Slack, R., Procter,. P., Williams, R., Hartswood, M., Rouncefield, M.
In Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, Catania, Italy, 10-13 September, Anderson, S. and Felici, M. (eds), 2000

Journal Articles

Interdisciplinary Integration in Europe: The Case of the Fifth Framework Programme, Bruce, A., Lyall, C., Tait, J. and Williams, R.
Futures , Volume 36 , Issue 4 , pp. 457-470 , 2004

Fitting Standard Software Packages to Non-Standard Organisations, Pollock, N., Procter, R. and Williams, R.
Journal of Technology Analysis and Strategic Management , Volume 15 , Issue 3 , pp. 317-332 , 2003

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Building Information Systems as Universalised Locals, Hartswood, M., Voß, A., Procter, R., Rouncefield, M., Slack,R. and Williams, R.
Journal of Knowledge, Technology and People , Volume 14 , Issue 3 , pp. , 2002

Improving Knife To Skin Time: Process Modelling and New Technology in Medical Work, Clarke, K., Hartswood, M., Procter,M., Rouncefield,M., Slack, R. and Williams,R.
Health Informatics Journal , Volume 8 , Issue 1 , pp. 39-42 , 2002

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Hospital Managers Closely Observed: Some Features of New Technology and Everyday Managerial Work, Clarke, K, Hartswood, M., Procter, R., and Rouncefield, M
Journal of New Technology in the Human Services , Volume 14 , Issue 1-2 , pp. 48-57 , 2001

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Performance Management in Breast Screening: A Case Study of Professional Vision and Ecologies of Practice, Hartswood, M., Procter, R., Rouncefield, M. and Slack, R.
Journal of Cognition, Technology and Work , Volume 4 , Issue 2 , pp. 91-100 , 2001

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Books (authored or edited)

Social learning in technological innovation: Experimenting with information and communication technologies , Williams, R., Stewart, J. and Slack, R.
Edward Elgar, Aldershot , 2005

Book Chapters

The Wrong trousers? Beyond the design fallacy: social learning and the user , Stewart, J. and Williams, R.
In Rohracher, H. (Ed.) User involvement in innovation processes. , , pp. 39-71
Munich, Profil , 2005
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The wrong trousers ? Beyond the design fallacy : social learning and the user , Stewart, J. and Williams, R.
In Howcroft, D. and Trauth, E.M. (Eds) Handbook of Critical Information Systems Research: Theory And Application , , pp. 195-223
Edward Elgar , 2005

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