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Publications by Jo Mackie are the DIRC publications by Jo Mackie. Items are sorted by type, and listed by year. Links are provided to abstracts and pdf's of the full papers where these are available.

Conference Proceedings

The Fifth Annual DIRC Research Conference, Mackie, J. and Rouncefield, M.
Lancaster University Press, 2005
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Conference Papers

Risks and Dependable Deployment , Mackie, J., Martin, D., Clarke, K. et al
In Proceedings of the 5th International DIRC Research Conference, Edinburgh, 15-17 March 2005, Mackie, J., Rouncefield, R., pp. 13-17  2005
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Supporting the Development of Healthcare Systems Through Situation Modelling , Mackie, J., Lock, S.
In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on the Management of Healthcare and Medical Technology (HCTM), Warwick, September 2003, pp. 1-1  2003
[ Abstract ]

Situation Modelling Ethnography and Design , Mackie, J., Sommerville, I.
In Proceedings of the DIRC/AMASE workshop, April 2002, Lancaster, pp. 1-1  2002
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Failures of healthcare systems , Mackie, J. and Sommerville, I.
In Proceedings of the First Dependability IRC Workshop, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, March 22-23, 2000
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