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Publications by John Hughes are the DIRC publications by John Hughes. Items are sorted by type, and listed by year. Links are provided to abstracts and pdf's of the full papers where these are available.

Conference Papers

'Dasein of the Times': Temporal Features of Dependability , Clarke, K., Hughes, J., Martin, D., Rouncefield, M., Voß, A., Procter, R., Slack, R and Hartswood, M.
In Proceedings of the The 5th Annual DIRC Research Conference, Edinburgh 2005, Mackie, J., Rouncefield, M, 2005
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Some Notes on the Social Organization of Responsibility , Hughes, J., Martin, D., and Rouncefield, M.
In Proceedings of the The 5th Annaul DIRC Research Conference, Edinburgh, 2005., Mackie, j and Rouncefield,M., pp. 100-110  2005
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Dependable Red-Hot Action , Hughes, J. Martin, D., Rouncefield, M. Sommerville, I., Hartswood, M.,
In Proceedings of the 2003 European Conference on CSCW, 2003
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Designing Dependable Digital Domestic Environments , Clarke, K., Dewsbury, G., Hughes, J., Rouncefield, M. and Sommerville, I.
In Proceedings of the HOIT 2003, The Networked Home of the Future Conference, Irvine, California, 2003

Cultural Probes: Eliciting Requirements for Dependable Ubiquitous Computing in the Home , Cheverst K, Clarke K, Dewsbury G, Fitton D, Hughes J, Rouncefield M, Sommerville I
In Proceedings of the Universal Access in HCI: Inclusive Design in the Information Society (HCI International 2003), Stephanidis, C. (ed), pp. 329-333  2003

Journal Articles

The Antisocial Model of Disability, Clarke, K., Dewsbury, G and Hemmings, T. et al
Disability and Society , Volume 19 , Issue 2 , pp. 145-158 , 2004

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Designing Technology in Homes to Meet the Needs of Disabled People, Clarke, K., Dewsbury, G., Hughes, J., Rouncefield, M. and Sommerville, I.
Technology and Disability , Volume 15 , Issue 3 , pp. 191-200 , 2003

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Representing Knowledge: Instances of Management Information, Hughes, J.A., Rouncefield, M., and Tolmie, P.
British Journal of Sociology , Volume 53 , Issue 2 , pp. 221-238 , 2002

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'Cunning Plans': Some notes on Plans, Procedures and CSCW, Clarke, K., Rouncefield, M., Hughes, J., Hartswood, M., Procter, R., Slack, R. and Voss, A.
Requirenautics Quarterly , Volume , Issue 25 , pp. 12-18 , 2002

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Organising Failure: Some Orderly Features of a Dotcom Collapse, Colombino, T., Hughes, J.A., Rouncefield, M. and Tolmie, P.
TeamEthno-Online , Volume 1 , pp. , 2002

Book Chapters

When a bed is not a bed: The situated display of knowledge on a hospital ward , Clarke, K., Hemmings, T., Hughes, J., & Rouncefield, M.
In Public and Situated Displays: Social and interactional aspects of shared display technologies , O'Hara, K., Perry, M., Churchill, E. and Russell, D. (eds) , pp.
Kluwer , 2003

Design With Care: Technology, Disability and the Home , 20. Cheverst K, Clarke K, Dewsbury G, Hemmings T, Hughes J and Rouncefield M
In Inside The Smart Home , , pp. 163-180
Springer-Verlag , 2003

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