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DIRC November 2002 Workshop, London

Paper Listings

Hazard analysis in the home: Andrew Monk, Gordon Baxter, Mark Blythe and Peter Wright

Analysing Dynamic Function Scheduling Decisions Using Model Checking, Hilderbrandt et al

"Diversity Modelling" of Computer Aided Decisions in Breast Screening, Strigini et al

Order in the Machine: Computer-Aided Detection Tools in Mammography, Hartswood et al

"It's All a Big Clockwork" Achieving Dependable Systems in Practice, Hartswood et al

Legs and Naked Bottoms: Using Cultural Probes in Dependability Research, Crabtree et al

Down in the (Data)base(ment): Supporting Configuration in Organisational Information Systems, Anderson et al

Knowing What to Do, Anderson et al

Multi-Legged Arguments: the impact of Diversity Upon Confidence in Dependability Arguments, Bloomfield et al

Confidence in Safety Integrity Levels, Littlewood et al

How Does (incorrect) Computer Output Affect Human Decision-Making? A Case Study in Mammography, Alberdi et al

Interface Changes Generating Accidents. A Schema-Driven Approach of Negative Transfer, Besnard et al

On the Role of Security Policies, Ryan et al

Descriptive Model of Failures in Complex Systems, Bloomfield et al

PA4: Supporting Reuse in Hazard Analysis. Shamus P. Smith and Michael D. Harrison


A meta-logical framework for argument representation, Corin Gurr

Situation modelling and ethnography, Karen Clarke et al.

How to chhose an adjudication function, Mourad Oussalah

PA4: Supporting Reuse in Hazard Analysis, Shamus P. Smith and Michael D. Harrison

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